Dancing Dogs Yoga graduates 20 teachers

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Dancing Dogs Yoga is proud to announce that in conjunction with MBody Yoga’s Teacher Certification Program, Dancing Dogs Yoga graduated 20 yoga teachers on May 27.

Top row: Melina Cunningham, Courtney Worrell, Olga Khalina, Mark White (instructor), Megan Howe, Brittney Gosselin, Lynette Becks, Amy Poppe, Aylin Aydin (apprentice), Shelley Lowther (Dancing Dogs Yoga owner). Middle: Annalisa Adams, Lynne McSweeney, Cassandra Bright, Elizabeth Wells, Clifton Gentle. Bottom: Michelle Onoff, Kaleigh Tully, Michele Niles, Nadya Semenova, Jillian Stafford. Not pictured is Rose deVries Peeples and Kevin Lewis.

Shelley Lowther, the studio’s owner, partnered with Mark White of MBody Yoga to offer Mark’s world-class Baptiste-inspired teacher training program in the Lowcountry.
“It is the dharma, or calling, of the yoga teacher to cause more yoga teachers,” Lowther said.  “Through our partnership with Mark White and MBody, DDY is at cause and fully in our dharma.”
“Our next 200 HourTeacher Certification Program begins in February 2013,” Lowther said. “If you are looking to transform your yoga practice and empower your life, you don’t want to miss it.”
Dancing Dogs Yoga opened in Beaufort in March 2010, and recently opened a new location in Bluffton. For more information, visit www.dancingdogsyoga.com.

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