Creative solutions to the ‘Yeabut’ Syndrome

By Martha O’Regan
Fill in the blank: “I know I need to (blank), but I can’t/don’t because (blank).” “I’m sure I would feel better and be healthier if I (blank), but (blank) keeps getting in my way.” We call these statements “limiting beliefs” or “yea buts” and we all have them. They are the “I can’t afford’s,” “there isn’t enough time,” “my plate is already so full,” “yea, I could do that, but …’,” etc. These limiting beliefs keep us stuck, contribute to procrastination and self sabotage, and basically stifle our progress in life. So, what are your limiting beliefs? What do you hear yourself say or think that is keeping you stuck in a situation that is less than ideal? And, who is holding you accountable in reaching your goals?  Who is helping to get you “un-stuck?” Is it your spouse, your children, your best friend, a co-worker?  Who keeps you on task in a kind, non-judgmental, and empowered way?  If the answer is “no one” or “myself”, then this conversation is for you.  We all need someone to keep us on task if we want to take advantage of all that life has to offer. In our modern day and hectic schedules, it is too easy to procrastinate or rationalize ourselves straight off a path we know we should take. We don’t mean to, it’s just our nature. Thus the reason for Coaches, whether they be called life, wellness, health or career coaches, it doesn’t matter. What matters is finding the one who is willing and able to help you get out of that “rationalizing rut” or “procrastination pit.”
Coaches are not the same as personal trainers, although some personal trainers are coaches. Coaches assist with shifting certain behaviors that contribute to our inabilities to move forward and will help guide you into setting action steps based on your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and your desired time frame. Coaches will regularly check in with a “did you do (blank)?” Just knowing someone is going to ask tends to empower you to be ready with the answer. Hopefully, it’s a “yes, I did!” or at least, “No, but I got really close.” Either way, a new action step is set and the process continues until the goal is achieved.
Research has proven that if we have someone holding us accountable, we have a greater chance of reaching our goals in a timely fashion, than muddling through alone.  For example, if you have a walking partner who is depending on meeting you three mornings a week for a two mile walk, you are far more likely to get up and do it than if you were just doing it for yourself.  It’s too easy to turn off the alarm, roll over and say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Likewise, if you know there is a goal that will make your life easier and healthier, you are far more likely to move towards it if someone is going to check in with you in a week.  Otherwise, a month can go by before you even remember you set the goal.
Because coaches are not emotionally attached to the outcome, they can be extremely objective and offer insights that you may be too close to the situation to see.  Coaches are trained with a variety of creative solutions to help you get to the goal or the objective quickly and efficiently without the added baggage that can so easily slow you down or cloud your judgment. They are truly interested in empowering you to be the best you can be.
So, whether you are looking to get in shape, reduce stress, quit smoking, or just find greater joy in life, find yourself a coach who will motivate you into sustainable change. Make 2012 “yea but” free!  You’ll be glad you did.  Live Well … Have Fun!

Theraputic Solutions: Offering a unique approach to your active health care needs using a variety of healing modalities, nutritional and wellness coaching to empower you to a new state of health and well-being. 73 Sams Point Road, 524-2554.

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