Creating wellness: Martha O’Regan knows the benefits of a balanced life

By Pamela Brownstein

“Think about what you think about when you are thinking about it.”
That’s the quote on the back of Martha O’Regan’s business card.
It’s heavy stuff, but it reflects the importance for this mother of two and owner of Therapeutic Solutions to be in the moment and to always appreciate the power of the mind and the body.
“I love the human body/spirit, specifically the brain/mind and it’s amazing power.  Every aspect of our life

Martha O’Regan is seen in one of the rooms at her office, Therapeutic Solutions, on Lady’s Island.

is managed through the mind and can change quickly.  I love watching the lights flicker on when a client gets the ‘ah-ha’ of the power of the mind/body connection,” Martha said.
The 49-year-old grew up in Kingsport, Tenn. She has been visiting her grandparents in Beaufort all her life, but moved here officially 18 years ago from the Florida Keys where she helped in the development and management of the island resort Little Palm Island. Also a boat captain, she spent a couple of years on Fripp and in Harbour Town, taking folks out on dolphin cruises before going to school to become a massage therapist.
Martha said she loves the water and the beauty of Beaufort. “I even find great joy to be stuck on the bridge so I can take that moment to slow down and appreciate what we get to see every day,” she said.
She first embarked on massage therapy because of a headache that had lasted 24/7 for more than four years. In her own words, Martha describes her healing journey: “After exhausting all avenues with conventional treatment methods, I stumbled on a neuromuscular therapist who put her thumb on the headache while explaining the muscular components to pain. Once the pain pattern was broken, I became trained and made it my mission to help others like I had been helped.
“After a decade of helping others through neuromuscular massage and learning about the brilliance of the human body and spirit, that the body does nothing wrong and that every pain and illness has a cause, I found myself with a new health challenge and went about trying to finding the cause.  After a couple of years of hearing ‘we can’t find anything wrong,’ ‘your test results are normal,’ and ‘here, let’s try this medicine or procedure,’ I became exhausted both with conventional methods as well as with many ‘alternative’ therapies. One day, I just surrendered to our Higher Power and quit ‘trying’ to find the answers and voila, the answer came — B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), a technique that gets to the cause of pain and illness. While working with a BEST Practitioner, my body quickly began to heal, my energy was restored, and I was able to get off countless medications.  Through BEST, I got my life back and made it my mission to learn the technique and get back to helping others like I had been helped.”
With a serene demeanor and a soothing voice, Martha describes the integrative healing approach she offers. “We meet folks where they are and using a variety of modalities and techniques, we remove whatever interferences that are keeping them stuck in a negative health pattern while at the same time empowering them into a greater state of health and well being.  Employing B.E.S.T. allows me to ask the body exactly what it needs right here and right now, so I don’t have to guess, I just have to listen. Then, I just do what the body indicates — it’s a beautiful thing,” she said.
Martha said she is most proud of the many folks over the years who have said “yes” to change and are living a healthy, vibrant life doing what brings them the greatest joy and passion.
Therapeutic Solutions has been in business for 17 years, the first 11 out of her home.  “When I decided to transition my practice from neuromuscular therapy to a more integrative healing approach, I moved into a space at Newpoint Corners and has grown and evolved to where we are now,” Martha explained.
She has one full time practice manager, Carolyn Roos; one wellness/life coach, Danette Vernon; and a part time chiropractor, Dr. T.J. Pritchard, who also has a practice in Bluffton.
When asked about her goals for the future, she said her teenage girls have inspired her towards teaching and empowering the next generation.
“We have created space for a variety of classes to teach the basics of BEST, self care techniques, Family BEST, which teaches parents how to treat each other as well as their children, breathwork, group coaching, etc. Our mission is teach others to live well and to have fun in this thing called ‘life.’”
Martha’s passion and positivity leaves a lot to think about.

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