Covering events at the 60th Annual Beaufort Water Festival

Kickball Tournament

By Bob Sofaly

The inaugural Water Festival Kickball Tournament didn’t go quite as according to plan, with only two teams coming to play, as organizers hoped.

“It was our first kickball event” said Bernie Amay, Water Festival Sports Coordinator. “Hopefully word will get out as to how much fun was being had and more people will show up next year.”

But for those two teams that did show up, the action was non-stop. The pitchers were throwing something that resembled a rolling curve ball and then kickers would go for a sideline bunt. This might be followed by the next kicker putting the big, round, squishy ball into the outfield only to have it caught in a diving play. You’re out!

Since there were only two teams, they had to play the full tournament, best out of five games, consisting of five innings each. By the time it was over, both teams felt they had won.

This will definitely be a great addition to the Water Festival line-up for next year. The Island News is already working on a possible team. You should too!


Volleyball Tournament

By Bob Sofaly

The Beaufort Water Festival held its annual Volleyball Tournament on Saturday and there was lots of action to go around.

The tournament had five teams in each of two categories, junior and adult, using a “round robin” style of play giving each team a chance to challenge the other teams twice. Unlike professional volleyball, each team switched sides after a few points so each team had the same handicap looking into the sun, according to Tom Welch Water Festival Coordinator and referee.

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