County hires animal advocate as shelter director

Tallulah Trice, a local advocate for  lost, unwanted and abandoned animals, is putting her talents to work as Beaufort County’s new Animal Shelter Director.
Trice is a former dog trainer and operator of the H.A.N.D. Foundation, which provides medical and relocation services to animals. She was hired by County Administrator Gary Kubic in February.

Tallulah Trice

“Tallulah will be a dynamic force in helping us reach county council’s goals of limiting the number of homeless pets through spay and neutering programs and in reducing the euthanasia rate at the county shelter. Her experience as an advocate for rescuing unwanted pets is well documented and I am pleased she is part of our county team.”
Trice said she is implementing new strategies which require the animal shelter to hold off on adoptions temporarily. “The health of our animals at the shelter is my first priority. We often receive dogs and cats in need of medical care and are providing the necessary treatment. Then, additional new policies are going to be implemented that will improve the adoption rate. The support for these new policies from Mr. Kubic and County Council is most gratifying and will mean more healthy animals in loving homes.”
Trice has also developed new intake protocol with the clear goal of ensuring that adoptions are permanent. “We want people to complete the proper application forms before they adopt in order to try and prevent the heartbreak of returns when adoptions don’t take.”
She has also created an ‘Adoption Option’ sheet that helps people locate a desirable pet if they cannot find one they like at the shelter.

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