County Council doesn’t extend mask ordinance

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By Mike McCombs

While there will still be mandatory mask requirements for commercial and public buildings in the municipalities of Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort and Port Royal, unincorporated Beaufort County’s mask ordinance will end Oct. 24.

The Beaufort County Council voted Monday evening not to extend its ordinance, which has been in place since July 3.

The ordinance also required employees of retail establishments to wear masks when dealing with the public.

Seven of the 11 council members were in favor of extending the ordinance, but eight votes were needed for the extension to pass.

Mike Covert, Brian Flewelling, Chris Hervochon and Stu Rodman voted against the extension. Rodman, the former County Council chair, said mask policies should be dictated by individual businesses.

Mike McCombs is the editor of The Island News and can be reached at

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