Councilman Herbert Glaze thanks voters for 20 years

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Monday, Dec. 10, 2012 marked Councilman Herbert Glaze’s last Beaufort County Council meeting after serving the citizens of Beaufort for the last 20 years. He was first elected to County Council in November of 1992 and sworn into office January of 1993.

Herbert Glaze, with wife Brenda and daughter Diarra, accepts a plaque from acting Council Chairman Paul Sommerville.

“My tenure on County Council has been a most rewarding experience. I thank God for this opportunity and most of all I thank my wife and family. I’d like to thank you the voters, the voters who demonstrated support without reservation during my terms in office. I may not have always made the most popular decisions but with the help from God I always made decisions that I thought would best benefit the citizens of Beaufort County,” Glaze said as he addressed County Council and the public.

Glaze has served on several committees over the last two decades including public facilities, military affairs and the redistricting committee. In 2008, Glaze also started the grassroots group CAVE (Citizens Against Violence Everywhere).

Councilman Glaze and Councilman Gerald Dawson were forced to run against each other this past June after their districts were consolidated following the 2010 Census. Dawson won that election by 90 votes, causing Glaze to retire from county council. He will now go on to be chairman of the Lowcountry Government of Councils.