Considering Summer Camps?

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As the school year comes to a close and the summer months approach, social distancing guidelines will force kids to miss out on their yearly rite of passage – summer camp. What once was a time to meet new friends and learn new skills (and for parents to finally catch a break!) is now a time of uncertainty leaving parents to decide which camps and activities provide a safe and engaging environment for their children. 

It’s OK to be cautious – If you believe your child’s camp may be opening too early, trust your gut!

Make sure your child’s summer camp has clear communication – This is key to reopening.

Ask the right questions – Includes asking if your child needs to bring his/her own protective gear, how many children will be attending, what measures will be done to ensure social distancing, your rights to cancel/get refunded if you’re uncomfortable, etc. 

Ask if your child’s camp offers virtual options – Feel uncomfortable sending your child to camp? Find out if your child’s camp offers virtual activities to help him/her feel like they’re a part of the experience without physically being there. Almost ALL (about 99.7%) of the dance studios Clint works with for example, now offer virtual dance classes, whether live-streamed or pre-recorded. Chances are, your child’s camp will offer something similar.


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