Club Karate students advance to black belt

By Ron Marcell

Four Chun Kuk Do karate students from Beaufort’s own Club Karate recently tested for and were promoted to the rank of first degree black belt at a regional examination held in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

Overall, 11 students from four different schools were advanced to first degree black belt at the region wide test.

Jessica Lehnert, Melinda Cato, Lucas Cato, and Noah Pate are the most recent Club Karate students to complete the demanding requirements to achieve the highly respected rank of Chun Kuk Do black belt.

Advanced testing was held Saturday, Oct. 18, at which three students were advanced to second degree black belt, three to third degree, and one to fourth degree. Seminars followed the testing, providing students an opportunity to learn from the assembled karate masters who made up the testing board.

Chun Kuk Do is an American style of karate founded by Chuck Norris. The United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF) organizes the study of Chun Kuk Do, and leads more than 90 schools nationwide and internationally. UFAF provides technical standards for instruction, and certifies students and instructors in Chun Kuk Do.

In order to obtain their black belts in Chun Kuk Do, the Club Karate students demonstrated their formidable skills before a regional board of high ranking UFAF black belts. Club Karate owner and chief instructor Master Chuck Elias was one of five judges who graded the performance of the black belt hopefuls.

Melinda Cato took the test alongside her 13-year-old son, Lucas, an eighth grader at Lady’s Island Middle School. Noah Pate, 15, said that Chun Kuk Do helped him learn patience, and gave him the ability to work hard for a goal that he knew would be neither easy nor quick to achieve. Jessica Lehnert said that the stress of the demanding test was counter-balanced by the knowledge that she was well prepared by years of instruction and training.

For more information, contact Club Karate at 843-252-7283, or visit www.clubkaratellc.com.

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