Club Karate hosts tournament

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Recently, Club Karate hosted a black belt testing and seminar for the United Fighting Arts Federation, the Chuck Norris system of karate. Students and their instructors from seven states gathered for the two day event.

Two of Club Karate’s students, Ron Marcell and Charlie Spears, earned their first degree black belt.

From left: David Spears, Club Karate owner Chuck Elias, Charlie Spears, and David’s twin boys in front.
From left: David Spears, Club Karate owner Chuck Elias, Charlie Spears, and David’s twin boys in front.

Mr. Marcell is a retired Navy chief and currently the Emergency Management Officer at Naval Hospital Beaufort. When asked how martial arts training benefitted him, Mr. Marcell replied, “Every time I train, I leave class with one more grain of capability. Though maybe not visible on any given day, or week, or month, nevertheless, grain by grain, I improve. That moves me. That inspires me to attend to the details of martial training; to seek those grains.”

History was made when Beaufort native Charlie Spears became the oldest person to test for a black belt in the United Fighting Arts Federation. He was 72 years old the day of the test. He says, “I look forward to maintaining my physical conditioning and enjoying the friendship and camaraderie of my fellow students. Hopefully, for life!”

The next day his son, David Spears, earned his second degree black belt. David said, “It’s hard to put into words the feeling I felt testing with my father for our black belts together, I’m very proud of his accomplishments in Chun Kuk Do. I have twin boys that are now taking Chun Kuk Do and are Lil’ Dragons and they enjoy it very much at this time. Now my family has three generations of Chun Kuk Do martial artists. I know this is a family tradition in the making.”

Making a black belt, or a higher degree of black belt, is no easy task, no matter what the age. It takes many years of commitment and training to achieve. All three of these gentlemen should be proud of their accomplishments.

Club Karate is located on Lady’s Island and has been in business for over 26 years. For more information, call 843-252-7283.