Cleaning a messy car in 90-degree weather

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By Lee Scott

A good friend of mine and I decided to have lunch together recently and I offered to pick her up.

About half an hour before I was going to leave the house my spouse asked, “Do you want to take my car?”

“Why in the world would I need to take your car?” I replied.

He looked out the window, pointed to my car and said, “Have you looked at your car lately?”

Oh man, he was right. It was a mess.

I grabbed the little vacuum cleaner, a garbage bag, some paper towels and Fantastic and headed out to the car. As I started to work I discovered an old ballpoint pen caught between the seats and had to actually break it apart to remove it.  Of course there was a stream of black ink that had leaked down under the seat in this 90-degree plus heat.

I also retrieved a half tube of lipstick I had dropped one hot day. Other women might appreciate that discovery. I can recall the moment.  I went to apply lipstick that had been sitting in my purse on a hot day. I adjusted the rearview mirror, opened up the lipstick and half the tube dropped right in my lap and rolled down onto the floor mat.

Then there was the melted package of M&Ms, which I realized had reformed into a glob of colored chocolate. Not pretty.

So in the need for expediency I took out the floor mats and the seat covers and threw them into the trunk of the car to be dealt with at a later date. Then I vacuumed the carpet and wiped down the inside of the doors.

The car looked so much better, but I still needed to do something about covering those leather seats again. One thing I have learned here in Beaufort is that one does not climb into a car with leather seats while wearing a skirt or shorts. Nothing will get you back out of the car faster.

I returned to the house with all my cleaning supplies and found two cute beach towels to cover the seats and drove to pick up my friend.

As she climbed into my car she said, “Wow, when did you get a new car?”

I just smiled as we drove off.