City of Beaufort refreshes website with new look

As part of Beaufort’s continuing effort to share information, the city’s website sports a new look, new navigation and more content than ever, Interim City Manager Bill Prokop said.

The website, www.cityofbeaufort.org, is the centerpiece of the city’s digital communications efforts and is supplemented by Facebook (City Beaufort SC), with added information soon to be shared via Twitter and Instagram.

“Our new website makes it easier to find information about the City of Beaufort, and we’ll use the website as the primary tool in our communications toolbox,” Prokop said.

“For instance, we did a customer service survey last fall and we heard that it was difficult to find agendas for the different boards and commissions, because they were posted to the website based on which department assisted that particular group. Now, all the agendas are grouped into one section, then by organization and year. All of this is available on the homepage under ‘Agendas.’

“We’ll continue to add new content and make adjustments, and we welcome public input,” Prokop said. “As we prepare for construction of the new Ribaut Road fire station and the start of construction for the Boundary Street Redevelopment Corridor, we’ll be sharing a lot of updated information through our website  and Facebook.”

The website’s new look is cleaner, with a blue background to represent both Beaufort’s blue skies and the pristine waterways. The homepage includes current weather conditions in Beaufort, rotating images that include City Hall and the waterfront, and direct links to the City’s Facebook page.

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