City Council approves 2021 Comprehensive Plan

From staff reports

The City of Beaufort’s 2021 Comprehensive Plan was officially adopted by City Council on March 22.

The new Comprehensive Plan replaces the one that had been in effect since 2009. An outline of the new plan was presented to City Council in July 2021 and from that point onward extensive public input was sought – from a multitude of stakeholders in various meetings with the City’s Planning staff, to a public opinion survey, to input from all the City’s planning and zoning boards, to numerous work sessions for the Metropolitan Planning Commission. Once the MPC approved the final draft, it was presented to City Council.

The Comprehensive Plan is the document that guides all decisions related to planning, zoning, and development in the City of Beaufort, as required by South Carolina law. The Comprehensive Plan’s various components include land use, housing, community facilities, cultural resources, natural resources, transportation, and resiliency.

In addition to stakeholder and public input, the 2021 plan took into account the City’s Strategic Plan, the Civic Master Plan, and Beaufort 2030 Future Vision exercise.

You can find the 2021 Comprehensive Plan on the City’s website at http://www.cityofbeaufort.org/491/Comprehensive-Plan

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