Chinese buffet has us going back for seconds at Jade Garden

By Pamela Brownstein
Continuing on our tour of local Asian-inspired restaurants, the Lunch Bunch hit the buffet for some no-nonsense consumption of Chinese food at Jade Garden.
With a sumptuous array spread out before you, it’s hard to decide what to eat first. The good thing is, you can always go back for more.
Nikki filled her plate with lo mein, vegetables, a pork egg roll and rice noodles. She only went back for dessert, a little sugar-covered doughnut that she said was worth the calories.

Cooking up fresh stir fry, made to order at Jade Garden.

Buck was a big fan of the egg drop soup and the selection of fresh sushi rolls. He also filled his plate several times with the more traditional Chinese dishes like rice and pork.
Lunch Bunch was also happy to welcome special guests Ken Szarek and Francie Finch. The owner greeted Ken as we walked in, and he admitted that he eats here at least once a week. He likes to fill a to-go box with as much as he can, then eat it at home.
Francie favored the shrimp, egg roll and black pepper chicken. Ken, a former Marine, loaded his first plate with shrimp and veggies, gyoza dumplings, chicken and broccoli, and beef and mushrooms. I lost track of what he ate on his other two plates, but he said even the pizza is good.
I liked the sushi, chicken and broccoli and sesame chicken, and also went back for seconds.
Diners can also choose from an assortment of veggies and meats and a chef will make a fresh stir fry, hibachi style, right in front of you at the buffet
Never short on options, but big on classic Chinese cuisine, Jade Garden is located at 2317 Boundary Street, Beaufort, SC, 29902. Open for lunch and dinner. Call 843-522-8883 for more information.

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