Change your hair, change your life

By Takiya Smith

About a month ago I wanted to try a new look. Something fresh, different and out of the box for the new year. But what to change and where to start was the question. My wardrobe is as eccentric and eclectic as an eclipse, so that changed daily. Nothing drastic there would be notable. Then, looking in the mirror, it hit me. Changing my hair would offer the most room for obvious, dramatic change.

Loving the look of my 20” lengthy locks, the first option to cut my hair was out of the question and quickly crossed off the list. After flipping through a few beauty magazines and surfing the web for some inspiration, I came across a ravishing hue of red that caught my attention. I pondered the option for a couple of weeks and even rallied suggestions from my Facebook friends, whether I should go blonde or red and the vote was unanimous for the red.

Now a month in, and tons of compliments later, I am loving my new red head status and the instant change it has offered to my look. Though I can’t say color, especially as dramatic a change as mine, is the choice for all, I can say that any new look could be just the change you need. Whether it be color, a cut, extensions or curls, go for it! Change your hair and change your life!

For more info, questions or comments, visit my blog at www.blb-boutiques.com.

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