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Mother Nature is really not happy with us

For the longest time, power brokers on both sides of that infamous “aisle” maintained that “climate change” was a hoax, and even if not, they claimed humans were not responsible. They were partly correct.  It is Mother Nature that has caused climate change; Mother Nature IS climate. But us humans kicked Mother Nature in the… Keep Reading

I am proud to be 1 in 5

One in five Americans will have a diagnosable mental illness within a given year, according to Mental Health America. One in five of your neighbors, loved ones, and community. You cannot tell by looking at us who we are. Stigma can keep us from openly sharing this part of ourselves. My name is Laura Kaponer… Keep Reading


We need to live up to their legacy

By Joseph Reagan Over the past few days, I have had an opportunity to chat with several fellow veterans, service members, military family members, and Gold Star families. It is beyond the obvious in saying that the past few days have been extraordinarily difficult for those with a personal connection to our mission in Afghanistan.… Keep Reading

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