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Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Truth?

When Andrew Smith said, “People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer,” he was laying out the blueprint for the modern conservative movement, especially the Trumpist Republican Party. There is plenty of information available that could provide understanding and clarity, but then where would they get fuel for the lies they… Keep Reading

Everybody wants a taste of the Carolinas

To be a small state, and not heavily populated, South Carolina’s influence stretches farther than I ever expected when I moved away from my home state. When I was growing up, Sen. Strom Thurmond was a towering figure, and along with “junior” senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings, the state’s political leaders enjoyed prominent positions at the… Keep Reading

Men can thrive without bashing women

My elementary school principal, Hal Howington, called me into his office. I’d written a “love letter” of the typical grade-school variety (“I like you. Do you like me, yes or no?”) and responded to my beloved’s rejection by re-sending my note with a not-very-nice pejorative scrawled across the bottom of the page.  “You can’t do… Keep Reading

It’s easy to stumble crossing the color line

Social media usually is such a proliferation of nonsense that I’m surprised when I read something that really makes me stop and think. This happened recently when a friend posted:  “Seems to me that it’s time to remind our young Black men that young Black women are suitable life partners.”  The post was not inflammatory,… Keep Reading