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I am reminded why I love this town

It is Saturday morning, and I’m on my slightly-worse-for-the-wear deck. This morning I have my coffee (Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend), a Food Lion-brand Chocolate Chip Cookie (“dare to dunk differently”) and a view of my side yard. That yard presents a tableau that looks like the Somme Battlefield complete with an uprooted tree and two… Keep Reading

Knowing as important as forgetting

It is Monday and I’m on the Statehouse grounds in Columbia. It is dark, late, and my wife and I are walking the manicured grounds looking at Ben Tillman, Wade Hampton and Strom Thurmond — each illuminated man set off against the modest, beautifully proportioned capital dome which is also illuminated. Tillman, known as Pitchfork… Keep Reading

I believe our fever will break

It is Friday and it is early. This morning I’ve got my coffee (Major Dickason’s Blend), a tangerine and a the expectation of a couple of days in the North Carolina mountains. As soon as Susan wakes we will begin our journey that will take us to the Blue Ridge.  This morning the slate-gray, overcast… Keep Reading

One-man law firm not unlike one-man farm

It is Saturday, still early, still cool, and there is the expectation of a morning in the yard. We were gifted with an unexpectedly temperate spring— several months that seemed to be a reward for a year of isolation. But our isolation has ended and now we venture into restaurants, dinner parties and art exhibits.… Keep Reading

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