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Financial plans are helpful, but financial planning is essential.

By Fred Gaskin Without a doubt, the current market environment has created considerable anxiety among investors. Many are having second thoughts about their futures, and whether they can, or should, make adjustments to their portfolios based on recent events. Pursuing good financial planning requires a thoughtful process that correctly identifies both resources and needs, but… Keep Reading

Investing and Planning During Volatile Markets

By Fred Gaskin In our March column we discussed how to begin framing your retirement income expectations. We emphasized the need to remain flexible to changing market conditions, and adjusting your portfolios based on the market environment and changing personal views. The markets have just concluded one of the most remarkable quarters for volatility, price… Keep Reading

Investing in Difficult Times: Getting (re)started can be hard, but it isn’t difficult.

By Fred Gaskin Not surprisingly, I regularly receive calls from investors that have been battered by recent events. They’ve witnessed their life savings suffer meaningful declines, and their confidence in the market is shaken. A few have liquidated part, or all, of their investment portfolios. These emotions and reactions are not surprising, and inevitably the… Keep Reading

Four retirement tips for women

By FRED GASKIN I’ve had the pleasure of helping many members of our community with their investment needs as it relates to planning for retirement. Thankfully, there has been increasing effort put forward on providing better, and more tailored education resources to investors as they plan for their “golden years.” Of interest, the data suggests… Keep Reading