Car crashes, injuries, up in 2021 for Burton Fire District

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From staff reports

The Burton Fire District has seen a 33 percent increase in motor vehicle collisions so far this year, and more alarmingly, an increase in the number of injuries resulting from these collisions.

As part of Burton Fire District’s Community Risk Reduction program, fire officials continuously look at statistics and analyze data to see what the community’s needs are to ensure the right services are provided.

While fires appear to be down so far in 2021, motor vehicle collisions are up from 2020, and fire officials are more concerned with the number of injuries resulting from these collisions.

From Jan. 1 to Feb. 8, 2020: 15 vehicle collisions, 4 involved injuries (27 percent), with no occupants trapped.

From Jan. 1 to Feb. 8, 2021: 20 vehicle collisions (up 33 percent), 13 involved injuries (65 percent), and one trapped occupant.

Watching these statistics allow Burton fire officials to adjust their services to meet the demands and needs of the community.

“Today’s fire service is dynamic,” Burton Fire Chief Harry Rountree said in a release. “Where we once responded primarily to fires, we now have to be prepared to respond to anything, and we cannot do so blindly, so we watch our numbers and statistics, and match those with our services to see if we need to adjust the services we are providing, and also what we need to start planning for.”