Burton Fire District again increases its medical capabilities

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In response to the needs of its citizens, in 2006, the Burton Fire District became the only civilian fire department in northern Beaufort County to provide both basic and advanced life support services. 

The district requires all of its firefighters to be nationally certified Emergency Medical Technicians, and staffs its remote fire station with nationally certified paramedics as well. 

With the rise in medical emergencies and traffic accidents resulting in more injuries, the Burton Fire District plans to increase its medical services capability. 

Once again, the district will be the first civilian fire department in northern Beaufort County to implement the new Advanced Emergency Medical Technician program and hopes to upgrade 17 of its firefighters with the training this year. 

With this training, Burton firefighters can then provide more advanced medical procedures in the field while waiting for the ambulance. Not only will this will provide the patient with relief, but by also increasing patient stabilization on scene, better patient outcomes are possible. 

The district also plans to add five new paramedics. 

“The Burton Fire District is a proactive agency,” Fire Chief Harry Rountree said in a release. “This time of year we look at our data to see how to improve our capability and services that better addresses our citizens’ needs. Our goal is to not only improve the outcomes of emergencies for our citizens, but also increase their daily quality of life by helping them live safer and healthier through proactive awareness and education” 

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