Bringing sexy back

By Takiya Smith
Exactly who is this “sexy” and where did she go?  Did “sexy” ever really exist and if so, how come she’s lost now?  Did “sexy” run away or did I unknowingly chase her off? Can someone, anyone, please help me figure out how to bring sexy back?
Most of us, at some point and time, have heard or even used this cliche phrase to describe our less than appealing state of self-image.  A few extra pounds of post-baby weight gain or maybe even a triumphant, yet haggard battle with an illness, such as cancer, can trigger a plethora of emotions.  These emotions can weigh heavily on our mental and physical view of whom and how we used to be.  Vibrant, young, slim, curvaceous and sexually attractive are some terms that come to mind when you gather up one’s definition of what sexy truly is.  Yet today, I challenge you to go beyond the precepts of pop culture and explore, possibly even create your own sexy to bring back.
“Sexy” is more so a characteristic than it is a look.  An air of confidence associated with one’s femininity that exudes class, sophistication and a little bit of a social tease, if you dare.  Sexy, by my terms, has nothing to do with the act itself, but encompasses an individual’s style, taste and ability to turn heads, drop jaws and silence a room without the use or exposure of the body.  It’s a language all in itself and I implore you to speak it loud, proud and bold.
Sure, clothing, accessories, beauty and body are key elements to improving upon bringing sexy back, yet if you take a deeper look within — beyond the skewed self-images and the endless covers of magazines — you may just find that sexy always existed and she never left your side. Could it be, in fact, that you actually left her?

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