Breast Cancer a Family Affair at the Burton Fire District

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All 56 Burton firefighters and their spouses will be wearing pink shirts this month to support those suffering from and surviving breast cancer, as well as to bring awareness to a disease that kills more than 40,000 women each year according to the American Cancer Society and the importance of early detection in combating it.  

The Burton Fire District, a provider of both Basic and Advanced Life Support medical services, are not only first responders to fires and accidents, but also to those suffering from diseases, many of whom are in the late stages. People suffering from such diseases often use 911, and many times firefighters have watched over time as it takes its toll on the patient and their families.   

So Burton firefighters have decided to do something about it during October, which is breast cancer awareness month. By wearing pink shirts, Burton firefighters and their families hope to bring awareness to this deadly disease by not only encouraging financial donations to help with research and treatment, but most importantly, to encourage early detection.  

Because firefighters are first responders, Burton Fire Chief Harry Rountree says that firefighters out in the community encouraging people about the importance of early detection in battling this disease is in line with the ethos of the Burton Fire District.  “Our purpose is to alleviate suffering,” Chief Rountree said. “The best way to do that is to encourage that first response of early detection.”  

Rountree said this effort is just one of many ways the Burton FD is increasing public outreach in a preventive and proactive manner.  

“Having our spouses and families involved is important,” Rountree said. “This effort is from our families to those who will be impacted by this disease, and hopefully, those who will use early detection to beat it.”

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