Book gives humorous look at dogs’ lives

Local author Pearce W. Hammond announces the publication of “Listen To Me,” a book that gives a humorous glimpse into the lives of dogs from their point of view and answers many of the questions that have been ‘dogging’ people for years, such as: Can dogs write poetry? What do dogs think about during the day? Do dogs have wisdom? What are their concerns and what do they want most from people? Can people learn from dogs about their own health? How do dogs feel about cats, fireplugs, garbage cans, toilets, and many other things! This book is a must-read for every dog owner and dog lover who wants to experience the therapeutic effects of laughing. The amusing stories and anecdotes that dogs give you about themselves in this book will leave you laughing long after you have finished reading it. For more about the book, visit www.pearcehammond.com.

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