BMH continues to benefit from Foundation’s Endowment

The BMH Foundation’s Endowment provides a growing source of revenue to further the mission of BMH. The payout this past year was over $510,000, making the cumulative revenue provided to BMH from this source almost $4 million. On top of the many project or department-specific funds granted each year by the Foundation, CEO Rick Toomey stresses the importance of this revenue stream to help keep the hospital financially healthy over the long haul. “The annual endowment check has definitely become a factor in keeping Beaufort Memorial a hospital of choice for our patients and an employer of choice for our employees,” he says. A significant part of the Endowment’s growth has come from OurBMH, the hospital’s employee giving campaign. For the past two years, 80% of all donations to the campaign have been directed to the Endowment. OurBMH member, Emily Harris sees it as a case of “all of us supporting one another. Employees support the Foundation, the Foundation supports the hospital, and the hospital takes care of our entire community.”

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