Black Chamber of Commerce certifies housing counselors

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On November 3, 2010, the Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce entered into a partnership agreement with the South Carolina Housing and Development Authority to help homeowners facing foreclosure due to circumstances beyond their control — unemployment, under employment, temporary or permanent reduction in income.
To help clients in our pre-foreclosure prevention program, the chamber sent three of its five housing counselors for training with the Association of Housing Counselors. Eugene Bedell, Larry Holman and Shirley Wilkins have been designated as certified HUD housing counselors as of May 20.
The Black Chamber of Commerce was chosen as an agency to work with the federal grant funds given to South Carolina State housing Finance and Development Authority. Our success rate since being designated a Housing Counseling Agency is 25%. This percentage could have been higher if applicants had submitted all required documentation.
For more information or to apply on line, go to or call (843) 986-1102.