Beauty inside and out: The Master Cleanse Detox

By Takiya Smith

Last week we discussed the subject of an internal beauty regimen, the body cleansing detox. I shared a few key tips on the purpose of a detox, what it can accomplish and even made mention of one of my personal picks, the Master Cleanse detox. This week, I want to share with you my personal experience, a testimony of sorts, to the benefit of a total body detox. Besides the use of natural, organic ingredients working together to flush and purify the system, a good, healthy detox yields healing qualities as well.
My very first experience, as well as knowledge with detoxing, came about three years ago, in the midst of my suffering severe allergic reactions.  As a child and well into my adult life I had never experienced an allergic reaction until my early thirties.  Late one evening, after eating some fast food, I broke out into a wave of hives accompanied by flu like symptoms.  After enduring the symptoms for 24 hours and many doses of Benedryl later, the bout subsided. However, from that day on through an entire year, I suffered random reactions that grew worse with each outbreak.  I was tested for every possible allergen known to man and put on every possible medication invented, yet nothing worked, nor was I diagnosed with a probable allergen or cause.  The outbreaks were so bad that I was prescribed an Epi-pen “just in case” I went into anaphylactic shock, as my throat had now began to swell during outbreaks as well, sometimes while I slept.
It was a downright miserable time in life for me, yet I kept my faith in God that I would be healed of these agitating episodes.
A year into the attacks, and explaining the ordeal to my Pastor and his wife, she recommended the Master Cleanse. Three days later, fully detoxed, I experienced my worst but last ever reaction as my system flushed out all the toxins and pollutants that had filled my body.  Within that year, no medication had given me the relief or result that the detox had.  It has been three years and I am still reaction free.  From that year on, detoxing has become a way of life for me and I continue to see tremendous results in my overall health, body and skin.
As with any changes in health, exercise or diet, please always consult your physician for what is best for you. Visit my blog at www.blb-boutiques.com to post your comments or questions.

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