Beaufort seeking qualified volunteers for local boards and commissions

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Stating that there is a rich mix of expertise and experience among its residents, Beaufort leaders are seeking qualified volunteers to serve on local boards and commissions.   “For a city our size, located away from a metropolitan area, we have an exceptional variety of volunteer expertise to draw upon,” Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling said. “Part of that is that we have natives and those who have retired here who want to make our community even better.   “What we need are people with specific interests and experiences in their fields to find a Beaufort board or commission where they can make a difference and give back,” he said. 

 Beaufort depends on volunteers to help the following boards and commissions: 

·         Design Review Board

·         Historic Review Board

·         Beaufort-Port Royal Metropolitan Planning Commission

·         Redevelopment Commission

·         Tourism Development Advisory

·         Tourism Management Advisory

·         Tree Board

·         Zoning Board of Appeals.

While Beaufort doesn’t have vacancies on all of these boards and commissions, officials like to keep an updated file of interested people for when spots need to be filled, City Manager Scott Dadson said. The current vacancies are on the Tree Board, Design Review Board and the Metropolitan Planning Commission.  Detailed descriptions of the boards and commissions can be found , along with an application that can be downloaded, at Each board and commission is supported by Beaufort city staff. Most boards and commissions meet once a month.  “For some of these groups, we are seeking a specific skill set,” Keyserling said. “For the Design Review Board, Historic Review Board and Zoning Board, it helps to have a background in urban design, architecture or engineering. The tourism groups need people with business or marketing experience.” 

Except for the Redevelopment Commission, all other boards and commissions require members to live within the Beaufort City limits, own property within City limits, and/or hold a current business license with the City.

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