Beaufort Memorial, Publix team up for telehealth

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Getting treatment from a doctor is now as easy as picking up some chicken noodle soup. And with the new Walk-In Care at Publix, you can do both in one stop. 

Located in the Pharmacy and powered by the hospital’s BMH Care Anywhere online virtual care service, the telehealth center features a private room with teleconferencing and medical diagnostic equipment, including stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, high-definition cameras and other tools necessary for common diagnoses. 

Patients can speak directly with a board-certified provider who will be able to write prescriptions as needed that can be picked up at the pharmacy. Visits are $59 and do not require an appointment. 

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Above: Dain Rusk, Vice President of Publix Pharmacy Operations, and Russell Baxley, CEO of Beaufort Memorial Hospital, celebrate the opening of the state’s first Walk-In Care at Publix clinic, while Jon Lohr and Lisa Taylor from the hospital’s telehealth team, look on. BMH and Publix have collaborate to open two clinics in the county, including one in the Lady’s Island store.

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