Beaufort Memorial Hospital expands oncology services

Beaufort Memorial Hospital has opened a new oncology practice headed by longtime Lowcountry Medical Group oncologist Marcus Newberry III, MD, along with a new chemotherapy and infusion center.

Dr. Marcus Newberry, MD
Dr. Marcus Newberry, MD

Located on the main hospital campus, Beaufort Memorial Oncology Specialists offers treatment for a wide array of cancers, as well as benign hematological conditions. The practice moved to the newly renovated Suite 310 on the third floor of Beaufort Medical Plaza, 989 Ribaut Rd. earlier this week.

As a board-certified internist, Newberry helped found Lowcountry Medical Group in 1997. After practicing internal medicine for six years, he returned to school and completed a fellowship in medical oncology at the Medical University of South Carolina. He has been practicing medical oncology at the recently renamed Beaufort Memorial Lowcountry Medical Group since 2004.

In addition to treating cancer patients, Newberry will provide medical supervision of a new chemotherapy and outpatient infusion center BMH opened in conjunction with the oncology practice.

Beaufort Memorial Chemotherapy & Infusion Services is located on the ground floor of the same BMH medical building in space formerly occupied by LifeFit Wellness Center in Suite 120. It has been remodeled to include two private treatment rooms and a group room with 12 infusion recliners where patients can receive blood transfusions, chemotherapy and other medications administered through a needle or catheter. A pharmacist and pharmacist technologist will work on site, mixing the chemotherapy drugs to speed up the infusion process.

“We’ll also have a social worker available to assist patients with psychosocial issues, including financial concerns, problems with transportation and difficulty coping with their diagnosis,” said Connie Duke, RN, OCN, and Beaufort Memorial’s Cancer Program Director. “The idea is to reduce any barriers patients may have to receiving treatment.”

“The current space is small and doesn’t have enough chairs,” Dr. Newberry said. “The new center has more room. It will provide privacy for those who want it and the esprit de corps of a group for those who prefer to be interactive.”

With the new oncology practice on the hospital campus, Dr. Newberry’s patients also will have easy access to Beaufort Memorial’s lab and imaging services.

“Beaufort Memorial Oncology Specialists and the new infusion center are part of the continued commitment to our comprehensive cancer program to provide the best possible care to our patients,” Dr. Newberry said.

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