Beaufort groups rally for, against impeachment

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More that 100 members of the group Indivisible Beaufort rallied outside of Congressman Joe Cunningham’s Beaufort office Tuesday, Dec. 17 in support of impeaching President Donald Trump.

“We’re not here fighting to destroy the country,” rally organizer Mitch Siegel of Indivisible told WTGS-TV. “We are here protesting to save the soul of our country.”

The group gathered on the sidewalk in front of Cunningham’s office holding signs and chanting “Impeach!”

Engage the Right, a group opposed to Trump’s impeachment was present, as well.

“I don’t think that the president did anything wrong, and I think we’re holding the president accountable,” Engage the Right founder Laurie Zapp told WTGS.

Ultimately, Cunningham, on Wednesday, voted with the majority of the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach President Trump.

On Monday, prior to the rallies in Beaufort, Cunningham released a statement regarding his stance on the articles of impeachment.

“We are a nation of laws and no single person is above the rule of law in America. Even the President needs to be held accountable if he violates the Constitution. I did not come to Congress to impeach the President. But after careful consideration of the evidence and testimony delivered to Congress by dedicated public servants, many of whom the President himself appointed, it is clear to me he committed an impeachable abuse of power. The President used the power of his office to coerce a foreign government into investigating his political rival for personal gain. By refusing to cooperate with Congress and lawfully-issued subpoenas, the President clearly obstructed Congress. For these reasons, I support the Articles of Impeachment.”

In response to Cunningham’s vote, S.C. Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick released the following statement:

“Tonight, Joe Cunningham voted to overrule the will of the people of the 1st Congressional District by siding with House Democrats in a partisan attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election. From day one, this was a witch hunt that was meant to ensure that Democrats don’t lose to President Trump again in 2020 – and Cunningham fully supported it. His ‘Lowcountry over politics’ slogan is now shown to be a load of garbage, and voters will let him know it next November.”

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