Beaufort County Library launches new “Well-Read” podcast

Are you looking for a good book to read? The Beaufort County Library is pleased to introduce the Well-Read podcast, a bi-weekly conversation about books between two of our experienced librarians and avid readers: Ann Cox and Halle Eisenman.  In each episode, Ann and Halle discuss reading recommendations, what they’re currently reading, and other book-related fun!

The duo has an assortment of episodes for listeners to download while they await the next episodes. Recorded episodes include:

Episode 1: Beach Reads

Episode 2: What to Read After Girl on the Train

Episode 3: Page to Screen

Episode 4: Young Adult Books for Adults

Episode 5: Books That Make You Cry

Episode 6: Books That Make Us Laugh

Their most recent episode has 3,150 plays so far and in the last 30 days the podcast has been downloaded 10,880 times. 75% of Well-Read listeners are in SC and 98% are from the US, but they have listeners from as far away as Australia, Ghana, Peru, and Japan.

The podcast is available to download through the Library’s website, on iTunes, and on podcast apps through Google Play. For more information on Well-Read or to place a hold on any of the books mentioned in the podcast, visit the Well-Read page on the Beaufort County Library’s website at beaufortcountylibrary.org/well-read.

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