Beaufort County firefighters to again help with Santa’s mail

From staff reports

The firefighters of Beaufort County are again enthusiastically volunteering to help Santa Claus receive mail from local children by placing Santa Mailboxes up at each of their respective fire stations in the county.

Santa Claus receives his Christmas letters through many means, and wants to make sure that every child has a chance to mail their letters and wish lists to him. Because fire stations are available in every community, Santa has approached his trusted community helpers to once again assist him and the community with this important task.

Each year, Beaufort County firefighters coordinate with Santa and his Elves by placing Santa Mailboxes up at every fire station in the county for children to mail their Christmas letters. Firefighters will then empty the mailboxes, and lock the letters up until Santa’s Elves come to get them, who then take them directly to the North Pole and into Santa’s hands. County firefighters feel that it is their sacred and trusted duty to help Santa and the local children with something as important as Christmas mail.

Santa Mailboxes went up on Monday, Nov. 22, and will remain up until the morning of December 20. Santa Mailboxes are white, adorned with his Santa’s face, and will be plainly visible at the front of each fire station. Santa promises that all letters with a legible name and address will receive his personal reply by Christmas.

County fire officials state that all year long they often see Beaufort County families in on their worst day, so they truly look forward to their holiday programs and their ability to bring their communities some joy and holiday cheer.

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