Beaufort Arts District approved

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Beaufort City Council passed the Arts District Proposal submitted by the Beaufort Arts Council and endorsed by the Beaufort County Black Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Beaufort, Technical College of the Lowcountry, and the Regional Chamber of Commerce.

With approximately 40% of the area within the Northwest Quadrant being vacant currently, The Arts District is one way to incentivize current and future residents to return vitality to the neighborhood. Spanning the area from Baggett Street to Prince Street and Ribaut Road to Charles Street, the Arts District gives residents the opportunity to live, work, exhibit and market their art as was historically prevalent in the past – similar to local artist, Sam Doyle.

The Arts District allows for residences, studios, galleries and outside art displays to be permitted throughout the Northwest Quadrant. In addition to the creation and display of artwork, the Arts District allows for artists and property owners within the district to sell their work on their property.

Although this is a huge incentive for artists, the Arts District is not limiting its residents. This designation encourages private investment and streamlines approval and construction within the District based on pre-approved small building designs.

According to an economic development study done by Beaufort Senior Leadership in 2015, the economic impact of art is invaluable. From spurring business development to contributing significant revenue and jobs, an arts community attracts audiences who spend, differentiates and brands a community, and attracts new residents.

Vibrant and welcoming arts districts have demonstrated success in attracting creative energy and resources that have revitalized buildings and neighborhoods in cities across the United States. There are many vacant lots and buildings for sale throughout the Northwest Quadrant and opportunities to purchase homes within the Arts District, making this a perfect investment opportunity for young entrepreneurs, artists, businesses and anyone looking to invest in an arts community.

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