BA students will have chance to visit sister school in China

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Beaufort Academy has teamed up with K&G English Training School in Yuxi, a city in Yunnan, China, for a sister-school partnership that will allow BA students to travel and explore a new part of the world and build valuable relationships with Chinese students. 

BA students will be connected with students as pen pals from Yunnan Province, and then will be able to meet them in person and stay with them during a trip planned for May 2019.

All BA students in grades 8-12 will have the opportunity to travel to China for 10 days in a unique way. BA International Studies teacher Steve Aldred and his wife, Lillian, lived in China for numerous years, and will spearhead this trip while showing students China from a local’s point of view. The group will spend 5-6 days in Imperial Beijing, where they can experience all the sights, sounds and tastes of a large Asian city, before traveling to quiet Yunnan in the southwest of China for 3-4 days. Scenic Yunnan is known for its many ethnicities and will provide students with a venture that is off the beaten path.

While in Yunnan, BA students will be able to step onto land that has been untouched by an American school. No American school has ever traveled to Yunnan Province. The relationships built between BA instructors and Yuxi High School have given BA the opportunity to not only be the first American school to visit, but to build a future relationship and become a sister school of theirs for years to come. 

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