Authentic Lowcountry cooking doesn’t get any better than at Gullah Grub

By Pamela Brownstein

The quaint little restaurant on St. Helena Island on Sea Island Parkway, across the intersection from Red Piano Too Art Gallery, uses fresh, local ingredients to create delicious, traditional Lowcountry dishes. The Lunch Bunch was excited to eat again at the Gullah Grub where owner and Chef Bill Green is nationally recognized as one of the few purveyors of

Fried shark bites and potato salad
Fried shark bites and potato salad

authentic Gullah foods.

Barbecue chicken and collard greens.
Barbecue chicken and collard greens.

We started with a homemade piece of cornbread that is so addicting it’s hard to eat just one. Buck ordered the barbecue chicken with a side of collard greens, and he’s not one who is usually a fan of vegetables, but he gushed about these collards and we all agreed they were excellent.

Irene also ordered a side of collards in addition to the Fried Shark Bites with potato salad. The shark bites are unique and very tasty. She also highly recommended the She Crab Soup.

Elizabeth had a cup of hearty Shrimp Gumbo with a side of mac n’ cheese that was so amazing.

I really enjoyed my fried shrimp because they were only lightly battered and not heavily fried. I was lucky too that the squash casserole is in season and it was fabulous.

Nikki liked her barbecue ribs with red rice. She couldn’t finish her giant ribs, so we were all happy to help her out.

Barbecue ribs and red rice
Barbecue ribs and red rice

We shared a piece of sweet potato pie and warm peach cobbler, and they were an outstanding ending to a yummy meal.

Gullah Grub is located at 877 Sea Island Parkway, U.S. 21, St. Helena Island, and is open Tuesday through Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call 843-838-3841 or visit www.gullahgrubs.com.


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