Athlete of the Week – November 10th

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Erek Nelson
Grade: 12
School: May River High School

Erek Nelson, a 12th grader at May River High School, is our Athlete of the Week.

He was nominated by Athletic Director Brett Macy, because Nelson won the state championship in swim and set a state record in his event.

Nelson took a few minutes recently to answer some questions.

Q: What sports are you involved with and what drew you to that sport?

A: Swimming. My parents signed me up with the team freshmen year and I fell in love with the sport.

Q: What movie inspires you as an athlete?

A: “Touch the Wall, the Story of Missy Franklin.”

Q: What athletes do you try to emulate and why?

A: I idolize Aaron Piersol and Michael Phelps. Piersol was once the great backstroker for the United States and backstroke is my event. I hope to eventually break his records if they still stand when I get to them. Michael Phelps is an idol because he is the great one of my sport and I think all swimmers look up to him.

Q: What life lessons have you learned from sports?

A: You have to be disciplined and have the right mindset to succeed or reach the next level in whatever it is they have to do. If you are not self-driven or motivated, you will not achieve the things you want to achieve.