Animal Services relocates wild horses

Three wild horses living on St. Helena Island have been relocated as a result of a fourth horse being hit and killed by a vehicle last weekend.

Marsh ponies
Marsh ponies

More than a dozen of these wild horses live on Horse Island on St. Helena Island. Nearby property owners say the animals have been there for years living off the land. Over last weekend one was hit and killed at Seaside Road and Horse Island Road. Due to the safety concerns of these animals being so close to a high traffic area, Beaufort County Animal Services went to Horse Island last Tuesday to try and relocate the horses.

A local veterinarian said taking the horses to a new location would be the safest alternative for both the animals and motorists. He said the horses have developed a habit of traveling to the road and that habit would not be broken unless the horses were moved.

The two horses pictured at right were taken to Camelot Farms on St. Helena Island where they will remain until adopted.

These horses are known as Marsh Ponies. Experts say the horses are direct decedents of the Marsh Tacky but over the years have bred with Shetland Ponies creating the name Marsh Ponies.

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