A rising dollar environment

We wanted to spend some time on the US Dollar — to provide you with an updated view both short term and longer term on its technical picture, and the implications of its historical price movements. We find now is a very important time to delve into the behavior of the “greenback,” as it has very much been in the news.

Charles Tumlin
Charles Tumlin

The US Dollar has been newsworthy so far in 2015, as it has posted an eye-popping gain, taking it to levels not seen since September 2003, or 11 1/2 years. This bullish story for the dollar has been going on since May 2011, as it has been in a “rising dollar environment” since May 4th, 2011, making it now the longest rising dollar environment since we’ve been tracking this currency.

Relative Strength has helped to keep us invested where the potential for strength is. Historically, US Equities, and Small- and Mid-Cap stocks in particular, tend to outperform the market in a rising dollar environment. Our portfolios have been overweight small and midcap US equites since 2012 and underweight International Equities since 2012.

This is in contrast to strategic asset allocation strategies, which maintain static allocations to all asset classes, even when Relative Strength tells us to avoid or underweight an out of favor asset class.

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