A Q&A with Lunch Bunch about dining at Q on Bay

By Pamela Brownstein
Question: Where did you eat lunch last week?
Answer: The Lunch Bunch enjoyed delicious Southern cooking and barbecue downtown at Q on Bay.
Q: What appetizer did they serve?
A: We were treated to a special starter plate with beef short rib egg rolls, pork with collard greens egg rolls, and fried mac n’ cheese balls. We all agreed the warm, crunchy beef short rib rolls were outstanding.

Unique egg roll starters with fried mac n’ cheese balls.

Q: What meals did everyone order?
A: I had two little pulled pork sliders with a side of mac n’ cheese. Kim also had sliders, except hers were brisket, and she had her favorite dish, a bowl of Brunswick Stew. Elizabeth ordered half a dozen hot wings with her favorite side, green beans. Louise tried the pulled pork sandwich — which was piled high with meat — and also a side of green beans. Nikki got the fried pork loin sandwich with fries, while Gene had the Bay Burger. Buck decided to go big or go home so he had the Barnyard platter loaded with pulled pork, brisket, ribs, coleslaw and fries.
Q: What kind of sauces do they offer?
A: Diners have the choice of three barbecue sauces. The Q sauce is sweet and traditional. The Carolina sauce is mustard-based and tangy. Then the Eastern Carolina sauce is vinegar based with red pepper flakes and a slight kick.
Q: What was your must-have?
A: For me, the starters were absolutely a must-have. When else can you dip fried mac n’ cheese balls into cheese sauce?
Q: Did you like the experience?
A: Of course! Q serves good food and is a great place to grab drinks or sit outside on their big covered patio that looks out onto Waterfront Park.
Q: Where is the restaurant located?
A: 822 Bay Street, Beaufort. Call 843-524-7771. Open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Take out is available and Q on Bay also does catering.

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