A little dab will do ya

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In 1984, I had my waist-length hair cut up to my chin. My hairdresser did not want to do it, because she said if I didn’t like it, I would never come back to her. She was right, I never went back, but it had more to do with the fact that I moved, not her.

Recently I decided to cut my shoulder length hair much shorter and Kelly, my hairdresser, questioned whether she should be the one to do it. I told her that regardless of my reaction, I promised her I would not blame her.

As she cut away, it felt strange to see all that hair on the floor. And for someone who has basically had the same hairdo for 35 years, the shorter hair felt so much different.

I have spoken to other women who have changed their hairdo and they have said that the oddest part is walking by a mirror. “WHAT! Who is that?” 

That is how I felt. There is suddenly a stranger in the mirror.

But there are advantages to having short hair. You do not have to use as much shampoo, and your hair dries quickly too.

When my hairdresser suggested I buy hair butter to style my new hair, it just sounded wrong. But she showed me how to use it after she cut my hair. A little dab here in your hands, rub your hands back and forth and slide it through your hair. 

When I went to the drug store to buy some, I discovered an assortment of products for short hair. Never having been a “hair product” consumer, I found the whole section unnerving. They call them styling products.

First, I saw the hair butter, but there was also hair paste and hair gels all with multiple categories like, fine hair, thick hair, curly hair. I learned that the hair gels are good for stiffening your hair, and hair paste is a good hair styling product. Unfortunately, when I tried on the butter for the first time, I had to wash my hair again.

It reminded me of the Brylcreem my brother used when we were kids. “A little dab will do ya” was the commercial rhyme back then. 

It was said to style, shine and condition a man’s/boy’s hair. I always thought it looked a bit greasy, but maybe he was not doing the little dab that was recommended.

It has taken me some time to get used to the short haircut, but now I understand how people like the rock singer “Pink” can manipulate their short hair. This new hairdo might be more fun after all.

I’m thinking maybe a new spike look for the summer. 

Don’t worry Kelly, I’ll be back.


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