2016 All Region Girls’ Soccer Team announced

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All-Region Team Girls’ Soccer Team was announced and the following players were selected: Mary Keane  (Beaufort Academy), Sissy Mungin (Beaufort Academy), Mary Alice Stroymeyer (Beaufort Academy), Allison Meeder (Hilton Head Christian Academy), Lindsay Gillis (Hilton Head Christian Academy), Emily Bailey (Hilton Head Christian Academy), Alyssa Lane (Hilton Head Christian Academy), Catherine Sheehan (Hilton Head Prep), Charlotte Covington (Hilton Head Prep), Kate Herman (Hilton Head Prep), Ava Nixon (Hilton Head Prep), Brigid Murphy (John Paul II), Dorian Nungary (John Paul II), Reed Wixon (St. Andrew’s), and Ainsley Barlow (St. Andrew’s). Risa McMillan (Hilton Head Prep) was named Coach of the Year. Player of the Year was Allison Meeder (Hilton Head Christian Academy).