Yoga pose of the week: Dancer’s Pose (Natarajasana)

By Elizabeth Vanderpool • Photo by Mark Vanderpool

Dancer’s Pose is a beautiful pose to work on balance and leg strength.

To take Dancer pose, begin in a standing position with both hands down at your sides.  Lift your left arm straight up to the sky and take your right arm behind your body with your palm facing outward.  Lift your right foot behind you bringing your heel to your tailbone and take the inside of your right foot into your right hand.  Bring your knees together and create your balance here.  Take two deep breaths.  Inhale and lift your right foot, still held in

Dancer's Pose
Dancer’s Pose

your right hand, up toward the ceiling.  Continue to lift your left arm up, as well, creating an arc from your right foot to your left hand.  Keep your hips parallel to the ground. Press firmly through your standing foot. It is important in Natarajasana to keep a micro-bend in knee of your standing leg.  Never lock your joints.  Pull the pit of your belly in and up. Press your chest toward the front of the room as you press your right leg up and toward the back of the room.  Activate the muscles of your legs and arms.  Create stability by hugging into the centerline of your body from skin, to muscle to bone. Lean forward to maintain your balance as you deepen this pose. Hold for five deep breaths and then repeat on the other side.

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