Uh oh!


By Lee Scott

Recently I was at the gym when a friend looked at my arm and said very seriously, “Where did you get that bruise?”

I looked at my arm and saw the large bruise blossoming from my elbow to my wrist and although I recalled how I got it, I was hesitant about telling her because I was a bit embarrassed. Then I realized she would have thought worse, so I had to tell her the story.

“Well,” I explained, “I was walking my dogs at a Flying J service station and my husband stepped out of our 24 foot RV, shut the door and then said, “Uh, oh.” “Uh oh.” I replied. “What’s wrong?” “The keys are in the van.” He said.

“Uh oh!” I responded.

Now we were about 500 miles from our home and we had no spare key on us. Even if we had one it would have probably been in my purse which was also sitting in the van. As we stood there looking at the RV, I noticed that one of the back windows was open a little bit. He was very pleased because it turned out that it was an emergency exit window and it could be lifted up once he got the screen opened and the latches undone.

He looked at me and said, “Come here. I will give you a boost.” “Really!” I said but knew that it was me going through that window or we were going to have to pay for a locksmith.

He stood there with his hands locked together so I could step on them and he gave me a boost up. After one attempt up I could not reach the window.

He then noticed a ladder leaning up on the side of the building near us so he grabbed it and put it under the window. I proceeded to climb the ladder and then climbed through the window. Unfortunately, as I went over, I got my left arm caught on one of the emergency latches and bruised my elbow on the way down to the couch below. Nothing serious, but as I stuck my head out of the window I said, “Nevermore, dear.”

I keep forgetting that I am not 25 or even 45. The time for climbing in and out of windows is probably past. But a certain side of me was so proud of the fact that not only I could do it but I did do it.

As my friend listened to my story she started to laugh and said.

“Somewhere out in the Internet is a video on You Tube or Facebook of you climbing in through that RV window. I would love to see it.” “Uh oh!” I replied.

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