One must be brave to come this way

By Shafiya Eve

This quest, this commitment to loving myself, has led to compassionate acceptance for myself and ultimately of others. It involved reflecting on past behaviors, thoughts, actions, inactions – so unconscious, so wrong, disrespectful and thoughtless. In order to find the love of me in those former expressions, I was compelled to see my innocence underneath it all.

In the South, we have a proclivity for the saying, “Bless their sweet heart”, often with tongue in cheek. The tongue and cheek part has fallen away somewhere along this journey. Looking back beneath the well-acted bravado, big smiles and stiletto heels, there was a subtle seething, self -loathing, and under all that, a sleeping angel. A wall named “unlovable” falls away allowing light to enter; recognition occurs.

As the healing process extends its’ unraveling and forgiveness blossoms, judgments are next on Healing’s agenda. Can you begin to imagine what it feels like to not judge yourself or others? When this malfunctioning aspect collapses, there is a feeling of wonderment that creeps in. We now begin to witness our past, present and future with loving compassionate detachment. At this point, we can reclaim our scattered self. We’ve been abandoning and disenfranchising ourselves all along while pointing our finger at the world, the perfect mirror.

Compassion for ourselves, for our innocence, has the profound side effect of losing interest in judging others. Saying “Bless their hearts”, and actually mean it, because underneath it all, you see their innocent sleeping angel, too.

With this new awareness, the wholeness of your being reveals itself into the Now. You may begin to experience your unified field of energy and witness its expression in life. Your being, like a thousand-instrument orchestra, begins to breathe as a whole, playing a beautiful melody, many notes in perfect harmony. This awareness can expand into the Unity with The All. So while breathing in, the whole universe breathes in with us, and while exhaling, the entire Universe exhales with us. Rest in this thoughtless blissful state for a while. Feel the luxurious ease and radiance of “Being-ness”.

Yes, I speak in terms of “we” because I sense that this quickening I’m experiencing is not an isolated phenomenon but happening to millions of fellow humans. There are many before us and many coming along, as we all shine our growing, glowing light on this twirling planet in this ever-whirling Universe.

One must be brave to come this way. The price costs everything. The rewards are infinite.

When we’ve attained this Oneness, even for a moment, it is not the end but rather the signal that we are now truly beginning.

Shafiya Eve is a Transformative Energy Practitioner offering sessions in Beaufort, SC and by Phone Nationally, for life enhancing shifts to a higher state of being. She employs Reiki, as a Master/Teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Visioning Time Travel and Zen Tarot Readings call 986-8704, email: shafiya_eve@yahoo.com or visit www.eveshealingvision.com to learn more or schedule a session.

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