Oat Chia Banana Breakfast Muffin

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Recipe by: Fresh n’ Lean (https://www.freshnlean.com) 

Love baking but find you’re short on time? Check out this ultra-tasty vegan oat chia banana muffin recipe. With only 15 minutes of active prep and 30 minutes of baking, you can relish the flavors of healthy homemade gluten-free baked goods without disrupting your schedule. 

Hearty ingredients like oats and banana help make these delicious muffins super satiating while chia seeds offer a boost of iron, omegas, and fiber. Healthy fats are represented by coconut oil and plant-based milk. A dash of cinnamon offers anti-inflammatory properties for a nutritious treat. Add some fresh berries or natural maple syrup, and you’ve got a subtle hit of sweetness that will satisfy your sugar cravings without going overboard. 

Made from vegan and gluten-free ingredients, these muffins are light and packed with flavor with the perfect amount of crumb. Each muffin boasts 4 grams of protein and can be toasted and smeared with a little nut butter if you’re looking for a little extra protein in your breakfast. 

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