New iPad Air comes to BA

The use of the new iPad Air at Beaufort Academy aims to further enrich education while preparing students for college and eventually the job market of the 21st century.  After a year spent planning and researching the best tools and process of implementing an iPad initiative at Beaufort Academy (BA), the school will begin the first of a three-phase plan by placing 30 of the newly-released iPad Airs into the hands of their core teachers in grades K-12.

“Beaufort Academy (BA) is very focused on teaching students in a collaborative learning environment where they are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills and to be stewards of their own education,” said Mike Morrison, Director of Technology at BA. “We see this new technology as a chance to continue these initiatives while incorporating new teaching methods.”

This first phase of the plan includes extensive professional development as the teachers integrate the new iPads into their curricula.  Phases two and three would bring additional iPads to campus in a variety of ways, increasing the students’ hands-on capabilities as dictated by the curriculum.

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