LIMS Jr. Leadership class visits downtown Beaufort

On Friday April 4, the Lady’s Island Middle School Jr. Leadership class spent a day visiting downtown Beaufort. During the day’s activities, the class learned about the city’s history and how the city of Beaufort is run.

LIMS Jr. Leadership Class visited City Hall and Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling.
LIMS Jr. Leadership Class visited City Hall and Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling.

They began the day by meeting Ivette Burgess, the city clerk for Beaufort. Ms. Burgess introduced us to Mayor Keyserling who talked about all the departments and hard work that is needed to keep a city functioning each and every day. The discussion turned to what can students who would like to have their voice heard in city government do to participate in the process. Mayor Keyserling outlined a number of initiatives in which students can begin to help, such as, an advisory group made up of middle school students that report directly to the mayor.

Later, the class visited the Beaufort National Cemetery where Ms. Simmons guided us through the grounds and explained that knowing your history is important to knowing your future.  The class spent the next hour viewing various sections of the cemetery and honoring all those who have served our country.

The final stop of the day was taking a carriage ride through Beaufort and The Point. Walter Gay’s Carriage Company provided the transportation. Bill the tour guide took the group back in time by describing and showing how Beaufort has evolved and grown due to circumstances such as war, slavery and economic conditions.

The class says thank you to Ms. Burgess, Mayor Keyserling, Ms. Simmons, Walter Gay and Bill for providing a great learning experience outside the classroom walls.

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