It takes a woman to raise a gentleman

By Takiya Smith

Over the years writing has become an outward expression of my very inner thoughts, and it has allowed me to release emotions, ideals and gestures through stories in ways that my pen seems to have a hard time keeping up with. As I sat down to ponder on this week’s topic, I scrolled my tablet full of unpublished pieces and felt lead to share this journal entry from 2011. Ladies, take heart and enjoy. Men, be advised and encouraged.

January 14, 2011 – This morning, my little one woke up, and the first words out of his mouth were, “I need some sugar,” meaning he wanted a kiss. He then proceeded to plant a tiny kiss on my cheek, followed by a big hug as he smiled at me and asked, ‘How’s my great mom doing?’

This act of love, compassion and kindness from my eight year-old son touched my heart and was so special to me in many ways. Day after day, I have watched, listened and learned to see God speaking through my children; and this day, the lesson was no different. To personally know my son would only offer further confirmation that God truly exists and is always speaking.

Since birth, my son has been a child with a marked difference from most children. He is full of so much compassion, patience and empathy for others…mostly his peers, but especially women. He just seems to know how we should and want to be treated. His kind little heart always has a word of comfort, encouragement or compliment to share, no matter the place or person. At the grocery store he randomly compliments the female cashiers by finding the simplest detail, such as hair, earrings or their smile to let them know that they are ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ and that “God has blessed them with this job.”

Around the age of six, he began opening and holding doors for my daughter and me. It always brings a smile to my face when I see him rush to the car door, so that his sister and I don’t have to open them. He even gets a little testy if we happen to do it ourselves and complains that, ‘it’s his job to do that.’ A year later, at seven years old, during our visit to the Civic Center, he stopped mid-stride, leaving his friends to turn and run back down a flight of stairs as he stated, ‘I have to go back and help my mom up the stairs.’ He grabbed my hand and escorted me to the top just as a gentleman would.

Takiya La’Shaune Smith, mother, licensed cosmetologist, mentor and entrepreneur is an author and beauty columnist promoting inner and outer beauty, self-esteem, preservation and awareness. Follow her blog at www.blb-boutiques.com, find her on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/TakiyaLSmith, email her Takiya@Takiya-LaShaune.com or contact her at (843) 263-0426.

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