History with Holly: Life on the farm

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By Ellen Evans
I remember when my daddy, mama, sisters and brothers worked on the farm. It was cold and daddy always used to go out and plant tomatoes, okra, and mustard and turnip greens and cotton. He would take the cotton to the mill and sell it. At that time we didn’t have any coats so we would all go sit on the bus because the bus was warm. We also had to go to different family members houses because we didn’t have enough space to stay.

Beaufort Then & Now: This moment in Beaufort’s history is an excerpt from the book “Beaufort … Then and Now,” an anthology of memories compiled by Holly Kearns Lambert. Copies of this book may be purchased at Beaufort Book Store. For information or to contribute your memory, contact Holly at lowcountrymemories@hotmail.com or beaufortmemories@gmail.com.

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